Smiling Gospel

  • weekend meeting of singers and music fans.
  • three days rehearsing ( 28. - 30. 9. 2018 ) followed by sunday concert ( 30. 9. 2018 )
  • unique choir of gospel fans, band of students, graduates and teachers of the Ostrava conservatory of music, and most of all three excellent choirleaders and solo singers, three European gospel personalities
  • great music but also unbelievable spiritual encouragement, meeting Him who exceedes us and connects us all together


  • three days rehearsing (28. - 30. september 2018) followed by final concert
  • we invite all singers regardless of the singing quality level; amateurs or professionals, experienced or new; we simply invite JUST YOU to take part in a wonderful music adventure!
  • opportunity to learn new things, new songs, new style, new ways of work; a chance to meet new or old friends and create something what will encourage the listeners, what will give them new strength and hope
  • chance to meet „the same kind of crazy“ people from Czech republic and other countries
  • opportunity to experience working with two first-league European gospel choirleaders


  • opportunity to enjoy stunning music and energizing concert atmosphere
  • opportunity to hear what can be achieved with a group of enthusiasts within one weekend
Sunday, 30. 9. 2018, 16.30 Husův dům, Orlová,
Fr. Palackého 787, 735 11 Orlová
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This year we wil have two European class choirleaders. There's a lot to look forward

Liza Littau

Danish choirleader and author, „the Queen of Danish gospel“

David Daniel

British singer, choirleader and pastor David Daniel, several gospel singers awards recipient, frontman of the People’s Christian Fellowship Choir

Come to the workshop!

Please fill the online application (in Czech) or e-mail us with following information to

We need to know your:

  • name, surname, birthday, home address, e-mail and phone number (inc. international code)
  • accomodation and food requirements:
    • Accomodation options: sleeping bag/gym hall style with other workshopers x hotel style
    • Food options: breakfast Saturday, Sunday, supper Saturday (40,- CzK), lunch Saturday, Sunday (95,- CzK).
    • Any special needs (dietary, accomodation, etc.)
  • Workshop price:
    • 500,- CzK if applied before 21. 9.
    • 600,- CzK in October
    • 700,- CzK on the spot.



Organizer: Keep smiling gospel Orlová, and YMCA Orlová; questions at:

YMCA Orlová
Fr. Palackého 787
735 11, Orlová - Město
IČ: IČ: 26651181

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